Info About Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, investor and a New York times best selling author. He is also a publics Peaker and he is known for his motivational speeches on business and investment. He uses his platform to provide education and training in business and life overall. His books such as “Totally fulfilled” are known to be motivational and inspiring. It is his success in business and in life that has influenced Dean to guide others to follow the same process to success. This article will discuss a briefs history of Dean Graziosi and the values he beliefs one needs to succeed.

About Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi was born on 7th of November 1968. He is an American entrepreneur and investor who started his career in the stock market. He is known for his success in business and investment. Graziosi is the owner of multiple companies and has established himself as a public figure through his motivational speeches. He uses his platform to provide education about business and financial literacy.

The values for success.

There are several values he believes people need to succeed

  1. Honesty

This is one of the key values for success. Graziosi believes honesty is not just telling the truth, but also doing what is right. He also believes that a person who is honest and fair in life will receive good rewards for their actions. Being honest and having integrity will not only allow you to have trust and mutual respect from other people but it will also open up opportunities for you because other people will seek you out.

  1. Perseverance

Graziosi believes that one needs resilience to achieve success. A person who is persistent will always be able to overcome any obstacle that may occur in life and business. Having perseverance will also help you to realize your dreams and it can also help you to be confident. People will associate confidence with accomplishment and they will be more likely to support you.

  1. Discipline

Graziosi believes that discipline and study are the foundation of success. A person who is disciplined is able to overcome challenges and keep a good mind set because they always put their mind in learning mode. This is the same mind set that will allow them to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

  1. Focus

Graziosi is a strong believer that having focus on what you want out of life will help you achieve success and it will also allow you to take control of your life. If a person sets goals they want and they stay focused, they will reach their goal. Graziosi also believes that a person’s ability to focus strongly depends on their determination. Find more of this on Quora:

  1. Work ethic

Graziosi also believes that it is important to have a good work ethic in order to succeed. He believes that one needs to give their all and put in their best effort to receive the best rewards. He believes people should learn how to live with less and appreciate what they have. He also believes that there is more value in hard work than it is perceived by others.

  1. Courage

Courage is another important value that Graziosi believes will help a person succeed. He believes a person needs courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Courage will help a person to be able to have control over their life and destiny. It will also allow a person overcome any fear they have, because they will face the fear head on and conquer it.

  1. Self-Discipline

Another important value for success that Graziosi believes is self-discipline. Self discipline not only allows you to prepare for your future, but it will also help you to pursue your goals and dreams. Self discipline will help you to overcome all fearful feelings and allow a person to succeed. This value is key because without self discipline one is more easily tempted by temptations of things that are not good for them.

  1. Good decision making

Graziosi believes that good decision making is one of the key factors to success. He believes that a good decision maker will take the time to make decisions and they will not rush. A good decision maker will know what they want and how they want to achieve it. This can be achieved because the person makes decisions based on facts and logic, not based on emotions.

You can learn more about Dean here: Dean Graziosi – everything you need to know.

Bottom Line

Dean Graziosi believes that one should also focus on their mind and body to be physically fit. According to Graziosi, if a person follows these values, they will be more likely to succeed in life. He believes that success is not something that comes easy, it takes hard work and dedication. Learning how to live with less and appreciating others is also instrumental to success. If a person focuses on the values he believes are important they will be able to achieve success.

All About Greyhounds

Greyhounds are truly a unique dog breed. From hunting dogs to racing animals to rescued pets, Greyhounds are as unique as they come. Their temperaments make them wonderful companions. Their body shape and composition make them unrivaled racers and their keen eyesight and speed make them wonderful hunters. It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians adored them, they became favorites among the European Aristocracy and are now a favorite family pet among Americans.


A Little Bit of History about Greyhounds


Greyhounds are the oldest known dog breed with a Greyhound type dog first appearing about 8000 years ago. It is the only dog breed to be mentioned in the bible and the peoples of Ancient Egypt treated these pets like important members of the family. It is believed that Greyhounds were then sold to Romans and Greeks as they began to appear in Greek Mythology.

It is mostly unknown how Greyhounds made it to Europe but the Europeans made great use of these magnificent animals. Greyhounds became favorites of the nobility and they began coursing the dogs for sport. Coursing is the sport of using dogs to hunt animals with their sight specifically instead of scent like other dog breeds.

Spaniards brought the dogs to North America and they remained pets as well as working animals until the early 1900s. The invention of the mechanical lure that would lead the dogs around a circular track lead to a new, highly popular spectator sport and it was bet on much like horse racing. Greyhound racing remained popular through most of the twentieth century. Greyhounds can be kept busy if you give them a toy to play with. If you want to find a greyhound toy to keep your dog busy, we recommend that you checkout


Personality of Greyhounds


If you are in the market for a quite, affectionate and even tempered pet a Greyhound would be an excellent choice. They are know to be gentle and wonderful with children. These great dogs are surprisingly low energy and are content with little exercise. Greyhounds are often called the “worlds fasted couch potato”, as they can reach speed of up to 45 mph but also enjoy sleeping up to 18 hours a day. Sound nice to me.

Greyhounds respond best to gentle commands and because of their sensitive nature should be treated with respect. They are not overly vocal animals and though they may bark on occasion, they will not typically make much of a fuss.


Famous Greyhounds


Pictures of Greyhound type dogs can be seen in early Egyptian drawings and Shakespeare evens mentions the breed in some of his writing. Custer used Greyhounds to help him spot Native Americans and the dogs were fast enough to keep pace with the horses. Queen Victoria’s husband kept a black and white Greyhound named Eos. He can be seen in many portraits that were done of the court from that time period.

Once racing became open to the public and then quite a popular sporting event people began to know the names of the dogs and people would have had their favorites. Master M’Grath was the first Greyhound to win multiple Waterloo Cups, one of the most prestigious coursing events and one that still meets today. He won the cup in 1868, 1869 and 1871. This record however was broken by a Greyhound names Fullerton who won in 1889, 1890, 1891 and 1892.


Physical Characteristics


Greyhounds are very long and lean animals with males averaging 28” to 30” inches tall and females 27” to 28” tall. They are predisposed to chasing prey so it is advised they always be kept in a secure, sturdy fence or enclosure or be kept on a leash.

Greyhounds do not have an undercoat which makes them less allergenic to people with sensitivities although they are not technically hypoallergenic. This lack of an undercoat does make Greyhounds sensitive to cold so they will need to have sufficient covering such as a sweater or coat when going outside in colder weather.

Olympic Weightlifting Tips

The Olympics is coming soon in Tokyo, and although relatively few people aspire to be an Olympic Weightlifting competitor, few can deny the appeal of watching a 152-pound man lifting as much as 390 pounds.

Or what about the heavyweights? Is there anything more admirable than watching a 220-pound man lifting 503 pounds?

Just watching the bar bend and the weightlifter grunt and then move, sometimes to great heights, sometimes to abject failure as Matthias Steiner had happen in the 2012 Olympic games in London when tried to lift 432 pounds and his legs buckled and fell backward with the weight coming crashing down on his neck and his head.

Yes, Olympic Weightlifting is a terrific sport to watch and unlike practically any other sport, the majority of the people don’t care whether the Olympian is from the United States, China, Iran, or North Korea.

To hell with medals. Whether they are a bantamweight or a heavyweight, we just want to see that competitor lift, cajole and even pray that the weight goes up.

And when it comes to the heavyweights, who cares that they haven’t seen the better part of six-pack abs for decades or that they eat 6,000 or more calories per day.

Deep down inside, all of us at one time or another can envision lifting that weight-laden bar high.

And on top of this, it isn’t only the men who are competing. Women have been successfully competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2000. So everyone has a chance to cheer. You should follow a good olympic weightlifting program if you want success with this sport.

So how does Olympic Weightlifting work?

Olympic Weightlifters compete in two events but they can receive gold medals only for a combination of weight scores.

The two events they lift individually are the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Up until 2002, they provided medals for each event, but since 2002 they have begun
issuing medals only for the combined weight of the two events.

For those who are keeping score at home for medals, this is important to understand because a weight lifter could acquire a new world record in the snatch for example, but if he or she fails to complete a successful lift in the clean and jerk, they are scored as a scratch. They are out of the medal competition.

Weightlifters are separated by weight categories, from 134 to over 240 pounds for men and 108 to over 191 pounds for women.

Each competitor gets three tries to lift a weight for the snatch and three tries to lift the clean and jerk.

Assuming they do not scratch in either event, their combined weight of the two events puts them in medal competition or not.

Competitors in both events have 1 minute to address the bar and then lift it. Once the bar is off the ground, the bar must continue in an upward motion.

The two olympic weightlifting events

For the amateur, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what takes place in each individual event.

First Olympic Weightlifters attempt a snatch.

For the snatch, you have a very wide stance and lift the barbell up in one smooth move.
It’s a finesse move, and once you lifted the barbell over your head, you finish by standing up.

The Clean and Jerk however is a power move. Done in two steps with a narrower arm spread, first, the bar is sort of deadlifted about the crotch, then you bend down, power the bar up and lift it overhead in the second stage of the lift.

And there you go. Just a couple of minutes of study to become a semi-expert at Olympic Weightlifting.

Now your ready to enjoy one of the most exciting sports in the summer Olympics.

Mold & Mildew Symptoms

There are nearly scientific ways to find out if mold or the creation of it–is nearby. The following mold symptoms are fail-safe ways to identify if the buildup is just within reach. If you’re not much of sneezer and suddenly you find out that you’re sneezing more often in a particular section of a house or a room–changes, are there’s something going on with the moisture situation in your abode.

By far, this is the top-of-the-line mold symptoms to watch out for when checking for that moist-sucking growth in any area of your property. Runny or clogged nostrils, as you can imagine, are related mold symptoms worthy of your watch. They are a by-product of the impending doom, which, if left unchecked, can cause sickness around the house.

The more advanced mold symptoms are coughing and along with it, an escalating nasal discharge coming from you and your loved ones. As you can see, you don’t even have to look for the location of the buildup. Mold symptoms are enough to give you precious clues to ward off an unsightly growth that easily leads to allergies.

Watery eyes are likewise mold symptoms that can point to the same culprit. However, it’s still quite possible that dust may be the leading cause of all the minor inconveniences taking place around the house. So at this point in your growing investigation, it’s probably a great idea to start scouting for possible breeding grounds in your abode. Windows, door corners, walls, and wall cracks are the best nesting grounds for that buildup that looks like a cross between a spider web and a silkworm project.

When you or your child’s skin is getting unusually dry despite the presence of and the full-functioning of an HVAC system–prevalent mold symptoms are indicative that the situation has definitely escalated. Molds are easy to eradicate. However, these buildups are also easy to miss by virtue of their coloring and chameleon-like virtues.

Stay ahead of the game by always keeping your home spic and span with either cleaning nooks and crannies regularly or getting a regular cleaning service. Don’t let the situation escalate to the point where you can almost smell the molds or feel it literally growing. Let mold symptoms guide you in anticipating the growth of an almost invisible enemy that thrives on too much moisture around the house.

Leaking water pipes or flash floods are the main culprits that lead to water damage. This leads to the formation of mold if you do not take remedial action immediately. Unfortunately, most individuals do not realize health risks that mold causes such as eye & throat irritation, wheezing, coughing, skin irritation and nasal stuffiness. Molds thrive in humid, damp, and warm conditions, and reproduce and spread by making spores, which have the ability to survive in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is important that you search your home for mold growth and eradicate them as quickly as possible before they start spreading.

Where to search for mold growth
Some of the typical places where mold thrives include:
• Shower tiles and bathtubs in bathrooms that lack proper ventilation
• Toilets and sinks
• Floors and walls, especially areas affected by flooding or by leaking concealed water supply pipes
• On and under the kitchen water sink
• Exposed food kept in the pantry, particularly those that have passed their expiry date
• Windows and windowsills
• Air conditioner vents and water disposal trays
• Curtains, carpets, and upholstery
• Behind walls and ceilings

If you notice a musty smell in your room, you can rest assured that it is due to mold infestation.

First step
Your air conditioner also functions like a dehumidifier. However, it cannot function properly if dust chokes its condenser coils and filter. Therefore, you should clean them immediately. Take this opportunity to inspect the water collection tray beneath the air conditioner and check if the water outlet is clogged. If necessary, remove the debris from the outlet with a stiff metal wire.

The carpet
Your carpet is extremely venerable to mold, especially if it has been damp for an extended period, either due to flooding or due to a leak in the floor underneath. You can be sure that it contains mold if you notice black, white, or various shapes of green colored patches on its surface. It is a good idea to lift the carpet and look for the presence of mold beneath the carpet. Examine the floor beneath the carpet for traces of dampness.

Eradicating mold
You may try removing mold by rubbing the affected area with a mild solution of bleach. However, you might damage the carpet if you are not careful, as the water-soluble dyes they contain can bleed from one area to the other, damaging the carpet permanently. You might damage the paint on your walls if you are not careful while cleaning them. Instead of attempting the cleaning task yourself, contact a professional agency to deal with water damage and mold-related problems and fix them.

Bathroom Mold Removal

Mold in the bathroom can be a potential health hazard, as well as being nasty and unappealing. If you see mold in your bath, shower or sink, the spores are actually living on the soap residue and skin cells, rather than on the actual hard surface.

One of the most effective ways of bathroom mold removal is by simply scrubbing it hard with soapy, warm water. Try to wash the mold away, rather than just scrape it; scraping it into the air simply allows the spores to settle on another surface. And cleaning with bleach will remove the black stain, but not actually kill the mold. However, spraying undiluted white vinegar on the mold, or a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with warm water is also effective.

You can help to prevent mold in the bathroom by wiping the shower walls down after having a shower and letting the shower curtain dry by opening it. Clean up any water spilled on the bathroom floor, and try not to accumulate too many washes, shampoo and lotion bottles in your bathroom. Switching on your exhaust fan while using the bathroom, and for at least 30 minutes afterward also helps keep mold from forming. Replacing the grout or caulk between your tile is another step to take if you just can’t seem to get rid of all the mold, although the grout you use should be moisture resistant. You can be alerted when humidity levels in your bathroom are high enough for mold to form by purchasing a humidity monitor.

Many homes have mold, particularly older houses, but getting rid of it is important since it can cause all sorts of health problems,  including asthma and other respiratory ailments. The following tips will show you how to get rid of mold.

1. Use the right materials

You don’t have to rely on fancy and expensive cleaning products to get rid of mold. In most cases, simply using a cup of bleach in 2 liters of hot water will be sufficient. Make sure you also have plenty of rags and a scrubbing brush. You should always wear gloves and a face mask when cleaning mold.

2. Mold on walls

If you have mold on the walls, use the bleach cleaning solution to gently wipe away the mold. Then use a dry rag to wipe away any moisture and vacuum any spores that have fallen to the ground. Make sure that you do not have leaky pipes behind your walls that are causing the mold.

3. Mold on clothes and fabrics

To remove mold from clothing and fabrics, simply pour your bleach cleaning solution into the washing machine and add your regular laundry detergent. Wash the load in hot water and then line dry the clothes so that the sunlight can kill any remaining spores. For colored clothes and fabrics, you can substitute vinegar for bleach so that the fabric will not be ruined by the chlorine.

4. Mold on tiles

To remove mold from tile grout, use your bleach cleaning solution and a scrubbing brush to scrub the tile grout. Scrubbing in circular motions will help to release the mold easier. Wash away the mold using clean water and then dry the area with a rag. Since mold can reappear in certain rooms, such as the bathroom, ensure that the area is well-ventilated.

Mole & Mildew Removal

Mold and mildew removal can become expensive, and many of the cleaners in your supermarket simply don’t work as promised, or release toxic fumes. If you notice mildew or mold in your home, you may want to try some of these tried and trusted home remedies.

One of the best ways to remove mold and mildew is by scrubbing the affected area with a small amount of baking soda mixed with warm water. If you don’t have baking soda in your kitchen, you probably have vinegar and undiluted white vinegar is also effective at killing the bacteria. Leave the vinegar on the area for at least an hour before wiping it off. Hydrogen peroxide sprayed on mold or mildew will also kill the spores, and using an alcohol spray on the affected area is another effective solution.

However, there are various other products that you may have in your home that are effective when it comes to mold and mildew removal. Grapefruit extract is a surprisingly effective way to remove mildew, as is tea tree oil, which also helps to prevent the mold and mildew from developing again. Anti-fungal properties can also be found in varnish, although you should wear a mask when applying this, and chlorine bleach are also worth using when it comes to removing mildew. If you simply don’t have anything else at hand, warm soapy water can be used, although you may have to repeat the process several times.

Keeping the mold and mildew out of your home, to begin with, will eliminate the often tedious task of trying to get rid of it. Proper ventilation and access to sunlight in your home will reduce the chances of mold forming while regulating the moisture levels in your home and installing dehumidifiers in the central air conditioning unit can help.

Pink mold like all other molds can have harmful effects if not properly removed. The mold mostly grows in the damp and wet areas such as showers, tile grouts, bathtubs, and wash basins. The bathroom offers a favorable environment for pink mold growth as it offers soap and shampoo residues that act as food for the mold. Depending on the growth conditions, the mold may look fuzzy and it may also be accompanied by other molds such as white or gray mold. The mold colony can appear in various shapes depending on the level of infestation. In the bathroom, the infestation usually starts as tiny specks and develop into disgusting growth if neglected.

If not removed, the pink mold can pose health risks that range from allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, and rash, to respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and bronchitis, poisoning, urinary tract infection, bladder ailment and infection as well as gastrointestinal ailments such as nausea, stomachache, and diarrhea. Anyone can be affected by the pink mold but people with a compromised immune system as well as elderly, children and babies are at a higher risk. Although the pink mold is not as dangerous as black mold, it is important to clean up the problem the moment you spot it to avoid the possible health complications.

The cleanup process for pink mold is similar to the cleanup process for other molds. You must use the right protective gear before starting the cleanup process to ensure the mold does not touch your skin. You should also use the right equipment to ensure the mold is completely removed as any spores left behind will continue to grow. Although you can clean up small infestations yourself, you should hire an expert to do the cleanup if you suffer various health complications such as asthma. You should also hire an expert cleaner if the mold covers a very large area, if the mold has affected your heating and ventilation ducts and if the problem is caused by contaminated water or sewage.


If you encounter pink mold in your bathroom, you should hire an experienced cleaner who understands how to clean it up on different surfaces. The cleaner will also give you tips to help prevent the mold from reappearing depending on your bathroom environment.

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